Sunday, December 15, 2013


(creds to

If I would have to do sports to wear this collection, I would. 

Alexander Wang manages to lure me in every time with his attention to detail and the simple forms and structures of his designs. He put a spin on the average sports gear by making, for example, a two-toned bomber jacket, and an elongated one that takes the form of a coat. Amongst his designs there were also boxy cropped tops that contrasted with form fitting bottoms, and lots and lots of leather - one component that is always present in Wang's designs. 

The outfits were styled to perfection and looked, as always, understated, subtle and effortless, making it all the more breathtaking. 


Sunday, December 8, 2013


(Sweater Cotton On, Button-up Pull&Bear, Jeans Uniqlo, Shoes ASOS)
In relation to my last post (about interior spaces), this was what I wore on the day I 'explored' bits of the city, hence the title - "Exploration Gear" (I hope capitalizing formulates a sense of legitimacy). 

The big bulky black bag (alliteration!) is my camera bag, which I used as my 'bag-of-the-day' because I was obviously too lazy to throw on another purse, which I will dub as questionable but somewhat clever behavior. 

Now that the city is cold, I traded shorts for these ill-fitted jeans that I tried to save by ripping, slashing, and distressing; so now they're labeled "ill-fitted" and "close to destruction". I paired them with a layered sweater which was an example of practical decision-making, and my boots, which were not, but was what I gravitated towards because I love the sound of heels on pavement (is it just me?). 

I hope you guys are having a great start to the last, and best month of 2013!


Sunday, December 1, 2013


A renovated space is like a blank canvas ready to be painted on…

If you liked the simile, then you'll (hopefully) like the jpegs below - some taken by me on a local hunt for vintage shops and new concept stores, and some found on tumblr. 
The way you style your room says just as much about you as the way you wear your clothes, which is why i've decided to make a post on interior spaces and how they can inspire your mood(s), which ultimately affects the way you carry yourself and the way you dress (so lets hope it turns out well). 

At the moment, I am very drawn to the meticulous throwing together of objects, which results in a tastefully messy room (in a planned way, if you know what I mean). I'll try to incorporate these bits and pieces into my renovated room as soon as I move back in, and I hope you guys (whoever's reading) can maybe start getting some ideas for the new year! 

(above were taken by me // below were taken from tumblr)

This is probably more of a post for me than a post for you, but nonetheless, I hope you liked this :)

Have a warm first day of December, cheers!

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Punk, one of the loudest trends of the A/W'13 season has, if you haven't noticed already, creeped into all of our wardrobes and tweaked the way we style our everyday pieces, like that tartan flannel and that trusty leather jacket. As a tribute to this timeless trend, thanks to the awesome internship experience with Lane Crawford, I got to style designer pieces and collaborate with my team to create this web page dedicated just to punk. 

Check out our week of hard work here


P.S. Sorry for the hiatus, i've been pretty pre-occupied with work, but to be completely honest, i've mostly been un-inspired. I'll fix that with an inspo post soon, so stay tuned for that! 

Monday, October 28, 2013


(1. Carven Pink boiled wool belted coat // 2. Urbanears Plattan White // 3. 3.1 Phillip Lim Small Ryder Satchel // 4. ChloƩ Studded Ankle Boots)

My current fall winter 2013 picks. Winter is not complete without these fundaments - a warm coat, a functional purse, a good pair of shoes, and good quality headphones. 

1. If you don't already know, i'm a huge Carven fanatic, so it is only natural that i'm in love with their F/W13 collection and this oversized, baby pink coat that will be a pick-me-up on those cold cold cold winter days - who wouldn't want to strut down the street with this bad-boy on?

2. When selecting your accessories, headphones included, the color should always matter. Your headphones can be a pop, or they can simply blend with your wardrobe. These Urbanears headphones in their "Plattan" collection, is jaw-dropping in its functionality and simple aesthetics. They are advertised to block out all outside noise, which, in my head, is perfect for scenic train rides (though not the best when you're walking around town because you wouldn't want to set yourself up to be the victim of car accidents).

3. A beautiful black leather bag with brass details like this can turn into a habit, and a reliant for the winter. Its elegance trumps any over-embellished purse, and the long shoulder strap that comes with it can be a life-saver, so be prepared to clutch onto this gorgeous purse for the whole of winter. 

4. I am loving the pastel version of the ChloƩ studded ankle boots, where the gold studs are blent into the color, creating a more subtle flower pattern. This clean color ties your whole look together, leaving you feeling and looking invincible.

Happy Monday! 


Saturday, October 12, 2013


(Top Muji, Cardigan BYPAC, Skirt Uniqlo, Tights Topshop, Shoes Repetto)

It's considered pre-fall in Hong Kong right now, and it's honestly the best feeling when you step out without having to worry about humidity and its sticky residue being left on your skin. I realized it wasn't chilly enough just yet for this thick cardigan when I stepped out of my air-conditioned room, but luckily it was cool enough for me to (sort-of) hang it off my shoulders. I guess this is my body's way of telling me that i'm prepared for winter. 

Bring on sweater weather!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


'15' was a year of realization; I hit a nail on what really inspired/inspires me, and even though this is a process that takes time and occasional eureka! moments, I can now say that i'm on good terms with myself and its really something much easier said than done.

It was also a year of friendship, angsty feelings, hiding in the background, but also trying and discovering new things independently. 

Today i'll bid farewell to the complicated year of '15', and welcome the whooping sixteen with anticipation and a new badge to my imaginary badge collection of years lived - and i'll strive through whatever comes my way. 

Here's to growing old!


Sunday, September 22, 2013

Driftin' By

(pics from Tumblr)
Here is some mid-september inspiration for those (like me), who only get the occasional time between classes to really tumblr!

The first month of school never really gets the job of putting stress on me done, so here I am giving you a more relaxed inspiration post (minus that random motivational poster). Enjoy! 

P.S. How cute is Zoe (from Fashiononymous)

Monday, September 16, 2013


I found the perfect monday morning (or any morning) playlist from the fab RookieMag, and felt that I would be completely selfish if I didn't share this with my readers. 

Get your blood ready and pumpin' at 6AM for the long day ahead (and envision yourself as meryl streep if you need that boost of confidence)!

happy monday!

Saturday, September 14, 2013


(Top from Taipei, Shorts Esprit, Belt Uniqlo, Shoes Prada)

A quirky outfit speaks for itself.

Random fits of rain and black clouds on sunny days during beach parties are starting to define my fall, and it is this paradoxical weather that is making me confused all the time as to what length of sleeve to wear…so luckily (!) I have this top that covers the right amount of arm. Oh, and I am currently finding  myself constantly covered in polka dots, which I think gives any outfit the immediate pop of fun. And It just so happens that dots are 'in trend', so I have another excuse! 

Hope you had a great week! 

Sunday, September 1, 2013


A few words to sum up my Taiwan trip: great food, great people, great (/cheap) shopping -- all in all an awesome experience. 
I'm really hoping that i'm not romanticizing Taipei, and that the next time I visit i'll love it just the same :)
I hope you enjoyed this!

xx Pearl