Sunday, August 18, 2013


To be cautious not to overwhelm myself and whoever's reading this, I decided to separate the photo diary of my 4-day trip to Taipei into two parts. The pictures above were basically the ones I took on the first day. 

Guided by our family friends, we went to an amazing indoor market full of cute little boutiques and snacks, which my sister and I revisited on the last day; and a beautiful restaurant that overlooked the city. Oh, and excuse my over-enthusiastic selfie (I was a tad excited). 

Stay tuned for the second part next week! 


Monday, August 12, 2013

Givenchy A/W'13 Collection Review

(photos taken from

The Fall 2013 Ready-to-wear collections all walked down the runways even before I was prepared for summer, so now that this season is at its end, I feel that it is appropriate to reference and revisit those collections. Flashing back to March, I remember scanning over the collections, and stopping at Givenchy's. 

Ricardo Tisci has a way of making his designs dark, elegant, and captivating, which leaves you looking deeper into its different layers and their effects. This fall, he styles his models with boyish sweaters contrasted by prints of Bambi, as well as dark florals, polka dots, and plaid; all big trends of the Autumn/Winter season this year. Many of the designs also incorporate mesh and cinched waists, accentuating femininity and adding softness to the otherwise bold and dark garments. 

Fall is a great time to play with prints because layering is finally sweat-free, so make the most out of this blissful period. 

P.S. School is in 3 days and I have the case of cold feet...wish me luck!!


Sunday, August 4, 2013


(images from Tumblr)

As a farewell tip of the hat to summer, my family and I are currently having our last summer trip in Taipei. My time here and what i've experienced these past few days fit perfectly with the inspiration I found this month, and the word 'serendipity'. 
Taipei is full of wonderful, hidden places concealed by minimalistic exteriors that are just waiting to be discovered... Here I often feel restless, in a good way, because i'm constantly caught off guard and overwhelmed by excitement, as beautiful and unexpected shops and caf├ęs pop up before me. I can honestly go on and on raving about Taipei, so just to make it simple please keep your eyes out for my next travel diary to see what I mean! 
P.S. Oh, and the people here are also extremely nice ( ´ ▽ ` )

Enjoy the rest of your summer while it lasts!