Sunday, December 8, 2013


(Sweater Cotton On, Button-up Pull&Bear, Jeans Uniqlo, Shoes ASOS)
In relation to my last post (about interior spaces), this was what I wore on the day I 'explored' bits of the city, hence the title - "Exploration Gear" (I hope capitalizing formulates a sense of legitimacy). 

The big bulky black bag (alliteration!) is my camera bag, which I used as my 'bag-of-the-day' because I was obviously too lazy to throw on another purse, which I will dub as questionable but somewhat clever behavior. 

Now that the city is cold, I traded shorts for these ill-fitted jeans that I tried to save by ripping, slashing, and distressing; so now they're labeled "ill-fitted" and "close to destruction". I paired them with a layered sweater which was an example of practical decision-making, and my boots, which were not, but was what I gravitated towards because I love the sound of heels on pavement (is it just me?). 

I hope you guys are having a great start to the last, and best month of 2013!


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