Friday, January 3, 2014


Its a new year (!) and before I leave the past behind and move on to the big '2014', I will look back on the last week of 2013 through this travel diary. 

As the title suggests, I was at Phuket for Christmas, and for most of the time we stayed on an island two-minutes off the mainland by boat - Coconut Island. I won't bother to sugar-coat things and say that this trip was the best I ever had, but it really did make me feel disconnected to the real world (in a good way) thanks to weak, and sometimes non-existent, wifi connection, and the abundance of time, allowing me to lie around, read, and relax. But now that i'm back I miss having time on my hands.

Currently: I'm inspired, again, thanks to the retreat-like stay on the island, and i'm brewing up new ideas for posts, and I have a new outfit post coming up soon so... stay tuned! 

So, how was your Christmas break? 


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