Wednesday, February 12, 2014


KENZO always has this aesthetically alluring effect on me, and probably most, with eye-catching prints, bold uses of color, and contrastingly clean cuttings. KENZO's Pre-Fall 2014 collection continues on the brand's signature quirk.

According to the creative directors Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, the inspiration for their collection came mainly from the American Northwest and the concept of Fire (which was made obvious in the collection with the word pressed onto sweaters and clutches). What they wanted to convey through Fire was its nature of being dangerous yet luring, which can be connected to how life, similarly, is not always what it seems... A lot to interpret from a collection, but this makes it so much more interesting. 

Before reading about what the concept behind this collection was, I saw a batch of photos on Business Insider of What Hong Kong Looked Like 40 Years Ago. The pictures were from the 1970's, and although I initially got an eighties vibe from the collection, somehow I saw the connection between the neon signs and this KENZO collection. So...I did a little collaging!

(pictures from, Business Insider)

Hope this was interesting!

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