Saturday, March 29, 2014


Recently i've took note of the brands that have showcased their collections through short films as a part of's Video Fashion Week, on top of their integral runway shows. Some of these films, seemingly irrelevant to fashion, were created by brands to indirectly show their audience what their collection is about. In my opinion, these seemingly 'irrelevant' short-films also show how fashion and what we wear are very much integrated into our everyday lives and individual characters.

Some of my favorites are "First Kiss" by Wren, and "Dress Rehearsal" by Rachel Antonoff for their Fall 2014 collections, as both are very 'out-of-the-box', and can speak for themselves without being blatant.

Through this form of online promotion, I too got to know about the characteristics and attitudes of some brands and collections of the season I have not looked into before. Plus, the fact that these short films can be stand-alone art pieces makes watching them, to a certain extent, more interesting and intriguing than runway shows as you can connect to the people and their interactions with clothing in the film (of course, this is only true if they're done well).

I'm definitely excited to see more for the seasons to come!


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