Sunday, April 6, 2014

FRANCE • nice • monte carlo • cannes • paris

- My overdue travel diary from my cny trip in January.

A few months ago I had the chance to explore the more scenic and under-rated spots of France with my family - Nice, Monte Carlo, and Cannes.

For me, the most enjoyable and necessary part of traveling in Europe, is navigating via. train. On these train rides, I get to see the most beautiful sights just by looking out the window and letting the landscapes rush by. This obviously wasn't the highlight of my trip, but it was nice to enjoy even the traveling portions of the trip.

Nice was quiet and away from the crowds of people - very different from the 'fasterfasterfaster' mentality/culture we have in hk.

Next up was Monte Carlo, which was also small, relatively quiet (especially since we went on a Sunday, which in Europe, is equivalent to public rest days -- something we definitely don't have here), but rich in its architecture and landscapes.

Then, we made another day-trip to Cannes, which was a great, quick place to shop in, given its streets that are surprisingly easy to navigate.

Our last stop was Paris, and I don't think an introduction is necessary for this beautiful city.

The different paces and 'artistic atmospheres' I encounter on these trips make me realize how valuable traveling is. Although spring break is coming up, studying is all that's planned for me, so summer will be the next time i'll be on a plane - i'll keep you guys posted!


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