Saturday, May 10, 2014

DEBUT: my mini column!

To whoever reading this (I really appreciate it, by the way): 

I'm back from my exams and i'm ready to jump back into blogging again! 

Now that i'm back, I feel the need to give some direction to what I write and comment on - should I follow what every other blogger is doing, or should I work on things that mean more to me? With this new objective in mind, I have decided to make a mini column for my blog. For me, it will be a metaphorical corner where I can comment and show my personal take on things that I think are worthy of discussion, ranging from topics about fashion, style, lifestyle, art, and the fashion industry as a whole. 

The one thing I want to get out of this, is to provide you, my readers, and myself, some food for thought!

Here's some celebratory music from a very talented South Korean sibling duo called AKMU, for short:


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