Sunday, May 11, 2014


“NEVER HIDE” - the slogan for Ray Ban’s “Legends Never Hide” campaign, and a great indication of the fear we as individuals have, living in this era of constant exposure (almost to the point where only “legends”/those who are brave enough are exempt from this rampant fear). 

Personally, the words “brave”, “courageous’, and “outspoken” are probably the last words that someone may use to describe me, and it is indeed in my nature to hide behind others because that is where I feel the most comfortable. But does this mean I don’t ever challenge myself, and that I lack a sense of identity? Definitely not. For me, this blog, where I push myself to create content that I can be proud of, is a challenge in itself, and also a place where I find my own voice amidst the billions of others.

I’m sure there are many individuals like me who struggle between creating something their own, and hiding behind others and their creations. In fact, this struggle is present everywhere, in every industry. The fashion industry, for one, is where both individuality and conformity are celebrated and emphasized at the same time, to the point of contradiction. Some say trendsetters do not follow trends, yet everyone wants a piece of the new and upcoming trend(s) of the season (who can blame them?). So perhaps the problem is not about trend-following, it is about how its done - instead of wearing the exact same thing that blogger is wearing, change it up to make it your own; instead of giving the same opinion as the author of the four-page spread you read in a magazine, give your own honest opinion. It sounds strikingly simple, but being honest and sharing your piece of mind when everything is all out in the open can be frightening (I know first hand). 

As a blogger, it is easy to do what other successful bloggers do because you become familiar with ‘market demands’ and what reader preferences are (as a reader of many blogs yourself), but if that is all you do, you will eventually lose your voice and forget the purpose behind blogging - “I have something to share, and I want to share it”. I guess this body of text is a reminder to me, and you (my readers) that we should get out of the habit of hiding, and be fearlessly honest at least once in a while, to declare ourselves as individuals.


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