Monday, May 26, 2014


Below will be my picks on what to have this summer to stay fun and collected to make your summer as productive as possible -- especially applicable to me and other soon-to-be-seniors!

1. SAM EDELMAN's Lynn Metallic Leather Espadrilles: perfect for both skipping around during hangouts with friends and for running errands during internships -- this metallic, silver shade goes well with both light and dark colors, so be assured if you find them on your feet after rushing out the door.

2. MANSUR GAVRIEL's Bucket Bag in Brandy: This tan (or "brandy") color, is warm and unique for the summer, and can also be transferred to your fall/winter closet, making it a very functional and investment-worthy piece for all seasons.

3. RUHM's Hubana Tee in White: A free-sized tee with a fabric that contains polyurethane (commonly used for swimwear), is perfect when you want more structure to your top (in contrast to other slouchier options), while still having plenty of room for breeze! Plus, the cute print is light and appropriate for both work and a fun day out with friends.

4. KYLLYK SPECTRUM's Palm-tree Flare Skirt in White: Skirts are appropriate and playful in every summer scenario (at least in my book), so when combined with a refreshing print like this one, you have yourself a unique dress-up / dress-down piece for the summer!

5. AMERICAN APPAREL's Pitched Sunglasses in Matte Tortoise: Last but not least - UV protection! These shades complement the tan and light colors combined here, as well the shades in a simple outfit you happen to throw on a lazy day - they help to complete your summer look.

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update: my post on the ART BASEL exhibition in HK will be posted shortly...


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