Tuesday, July 22, 2014

why we all need a bit of SACAI in our F/W14 wardrobe

Apart from taking cues from the flamboyant 60's this fall/winter, practicality is still the most important factor in my book, especially in the winter seasons, which is why Sacai's F/W14 ready-to-wear collection is one of the best collections to look into for the latter half of this year. Although this collection channels less of the 60's vibe, the movement of the pieces and the occasional pops of bright color can give you just the right amount of confidence and vibrance, which is the essence of 60's fashion (think bright pink dots and matching block heels). 

Here's a little introduction to Sacai for those, like me, who haven't had the chance to look into the brand until recently: Sacai is a Japanese designer label started in 1999 by owner and designer Chitose Abe. She rose the label's profile in the industry through showing her collection, for the first time, at Paris Fashion Week in 2008. According to Abe's interview with Fashionista, she likes her designs to have a mix of the classics and the new, and while her designs do embody deeper meanings, she wants her pieces to still be very wearable. See for yourself! 

(runway images from Style.com)

Looking into the pieces, it is clear that despite the intricacy, the basic structure of the pieces are still very true to our everyday essential garments (i.e. large down coats, leather jackets, wool pullovers, etc.), thus allowing the wearability that Abe is dedicated to. Instead of playing with the bulk in the structure, she puts a lot of emphasis on the details of her pieces, which are extraordinary to look at. The textures and fabrics that are pieced together gives dimension to the pieces, as though they were layered on top of each other as different pieces, showing the seamlessness and thought behind her creations. Another detail that struck me as both intelligent and handy was the slit and the golden pin that were added onto tops matched with long scarves, as this addition allowed the end of the scarf to stay fixed in place (a good idea for a D.I.Y project), giving the perfect put-together look.

• • •

Colder seasons give way to more elaborate ways of dressing, which always puts me in the mood for details and layering, which is in reality much less easy-breezy than the way Chitose Abe makes it in her collection, but thats what I love about Sacai's F/W/14 collection!


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