Sunday, August 10, 2014


Since the summer heat is still lingering, I decided to schedule in a shoot for this outfit because although the (almost-)midi-skirt is versatile for pretty much all seasons, the beautifully simple white singlet is, sadly, not. When I say "(almost-)midi-skirt", I refer to the fact that this skirt is realistically only a knee-length skirt, but i'm pushing it because this is my way of easing into a trend/statement piece that i'm not so confident about on my body. Hopefully i'll be able to bring up the courage to try a legitimate midi-skirt (fingers-crossed). Since it is still sweltering hot in Hong Kong, this outfit is apt for a casual-formal day out. The simple silhouette and the clean, brisk white of this singlet is the key to looking sharp, and at the same time, elegant/charming/all the good adjectives that come with looking clean and fresh - having this in mind helps with looking put-together even when the heat outside is unforgivably hot (and plus, brighter colors reflect UV radiation)!

(Top:Mango, Skirt:Monki, Bag:hand-me-down)