Thursday, October 23, 2014


I was trying so hard to not sweat while shooting this and was failing miserably because although its “fall” its still around 30 degrees celsius. After having rumours speculate amongst relatives and family members about how “its going to get cooler next week” for the past few weeks, i’ve given up on the notion entirely and have decided to start my own winter clock — the moment I put this Topshop furry sweater on my body I declared the beginning of winter (yes, i’m optimistic). 

I’m still worried about how this cloud-like sweater will turn out after I put it in the wash (worst case scenario: clumps of fur), which was largely the reason why I decided to shoot this in its most glorious moment as a remembrance if all else fails. But its also pieces like this that make me so excited for this season. For one, this heat trapping top is my toned-down take on the flamboyant classic — the fuzzy fur coat, as its cropped, bulky structure gives a nice contrast to a form fitting bottom, like this wrap skirt I have on. Also, the space this sweater allows for (thanks to its oversized fit) gives room for layering which can instantly sharpen the entire look for versatility. 

News flash: I’m extremely excited to wear subtle, clean and simple shapes this season, and to look “normcore chic” if I do say so myself — winter mantra: blend in to stand out.






(Top: Topshop, Skirt: Topshop)


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