Monday, July 27, 2015


After half a year of living my life outside of this blog, I have accumulated my favourites from 6 different areas of fashion, culture, and art — integral parts of my life. 

Muse - Kiko Mizuhara

My muse, or “No. 1 bae” as kids call it these days, is the one and only Kiko Mizuhara. I love her for many reasons — her retro and no-fuss style, her ability to pull off anything and look like she was born into it, and most importantly, her carefree confidence. If you want to fall in love/enter a dreamy life portrayed by Kiko, you will want to check out her instagram: @i_am_kiko.

Hair - Irene Kim
My hair inspiration, who I will only be able to envy right now, is Irene Kim and her pink+yellow+purple+brown-highlighted messy bob. It is refreshing for summer both physically (for her) and visually (for everyone), and gives her outfit another exciting pop.

Recently I have come in contact with the SK indie band Hyukoh. South Korean music is not new for me at all, but what is new is their soft, retro, dreamy pieces that transport me to a quiet, comfortable place. Fun fact: the band name is actually the lead singer’s name - Hyuk Oh. P.S. Please please please check out their music, even if you don’t understand the lyrics, just listen (you won’t regret). 
> Bawling (my favorite track)

Graphic Designer - Aaron Nieh

Aaron Nieh. I can’t even begin to express my admiration, appreciation, and love for him and his designs. I have so far bought 3 of his publications just so that I could physically feel his designs. His works range from album designs, posters, packaging, book covers, and his own writings. I discovered his work and the confidence in his character through a short television program, and I could not resist myself from following him on all social media platforms just to find out more about him. (I’m starting to realise just how much confidence attracts me/is attractive).

Favorite Read - Murakami
I may be obsessed with Murakami books. Every novel I have read from him so far has the signature elements of isolation, introspection, the laying bare of constrained emotions and thoughts, and ambiguity. This one in particular — Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage, had a storyline that made want to continue following the narrator’s journey towards understanding his past and his true desires in life.

Osaka + Kyoto Travel
Bits from my Osaka + Kyoto graduation trip early this summer. I hope to return soon.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I am alive. That, and I finally feel ready to get back into blogging. After graduating high school and getting out of the normal routine of school work, I was hit by a surge of freedom that allowed me to be bored out of my wits without feeling guilty about wasted time (perhaps I should); this freedom obstructed my regular routine of blogging. Maybe it was because I did not feel like it (a feeling I was able to justify with rest), or that I was just uninspired - either way, after a long hiatus, my boredom brought back my crave for creativity. Hallelujah.

Recently, someone labelled my outfit an “unlikely combination” - this could have offended some, but it was almost a compliment for me, because it stood out as me. I hate the feeling of being static/boring/unoriginal, so that was why I didn’t mind the person’s comment (to the point of almost wanting to frame it up somewhere on a metaphorical wall) regardless of its positive/negative connotation. Over the years of styling and wearing whatever the hell I wanted, I guess I was able to develop at least this bit of confidence. This, the declaration of my confidence over what I wear, was the stem of these outfits. In the end, how you feel in what you wear matters most. And plus, I like these clever combinations.

outfit 1IMG_5436_E1





Ring - Young by Dilys' / Top - Zara / / Shoes - adidas Stan Smith
outfit 2.1



outfit 2.2
Top & / Shoes - Enzo Angiolini