Wednesday, July 22, 2015


I am alive. That, and I finally feel ready to get back into blogging. After graduating high school and getting out of the normal routine of school work, I was hit by a surge of freedom that allowed me to be bored out of my wits without feeling guilty about wasted time (perhaps I should); this freedom obstructed my regular routine of blogging. Maybe it was because I did not feel like it (a feeling I was able to justify with rest), or that I was just uninspired - either way, after a long hiatus, my boredom brought back my crave for creativity. Hallelujah.

Recently, someone labelled my outfit an “unlikely combination” - this could have offended some, but it was almost a compliment for me, because it stood out as me. I hate the feeling of being static/boring/unoriginal, so that was why I didn’t mind the person’s comment (to the point of almost wanting to frame it up somewhere on a metaphorical wall) regardless of its positive/negative connotation. Over the years of styling and wearing whatever the hell I wanted, I guess I was able to develop at least this bit of confidence. This, the declaration of my confidence over what I wear, was the stem of these outfits. In the end, how you feel in what you wear matters most. And plus, I like these clever combinations.

outfit 1IMG_5436_E1





Ring - Young by Dilys' / Top - Zara / / Shoes - adidas Stan Smith
outfit 2.1



outfit 2.2
Top & / Shoes - Enzo Angiolini

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